VHF network issue in SE Alaska resolved

Coast Guard officials say that the network issue causing intermittent communication outages in the VHF radio system across Southeast Alaska has been resolved.

Repairs are ongoing, but due to extreme weather and remote locations. Intermittent outages are expected to continue at various locations, the Coast Guard said on Sunday, Feb. 14.

Sites where the Coast Guard is still unable to receive communications from, or which have intermittent VHF communications, include Mt. McArther, Deception Hills, Sukkwan Island, Althorp Peak, Cape Gull and Raspberry Island.

The Coast Guard reminded mariners that, due to mountainous terrain and limited VHF coverage even with fully operational VHF sites, that they cannot hear VHF in all locations. Mariners should have other means of communication onboard at all times, file a float plan with a trusted person, and carry safety equipment onboard to be prepared for survival situations.

Phone numbers to reach the Coast Guard in emergencies include Sector Juneau Command Center, 907-463-2980; Sector Anchorage Command Center, 907-428-4100; and 17th District Command Center, 907-463-2000.

Charts showing the location of VHF tower sites in Alaska are at navcen.uscg.gov/images/marcomms/cgcomms/Rescue21/SecAnchorage.jpg and navcen.uscg.gov/images/marcomms/cgcomms/Rescue21/SecJuneau.jpg.