Business Spotlight: Witch Kitchen casts a spell on diners

The Witch Kitchen food truck at Hollis Henrichs Park. Photo courtesy of the Cordova Chamber of Commerce/@witchmtndotcom

Business Spotlight is an ongoing series of local business profiles contributed by the Cordova Chamber of Commerce.

Witch Kitchen, Cordova’s newest food truck, debuted at the community Fourth of July event and was a hit. Brooke Stewart, owner of Witch Mountain LLC, is the creator of the delicious Witch Mountain sauces and, now, the Witch Kitchen food truck. They are excited to be offering “good food at good prices.”

Witch Kitchen will be set up next at Salmon Jam and is bringing in a well known chef, Michael Tiemann, from the Lower 48 to take over Witch Kitchen and share his salmon creations using every part of the fish in a different way.

In response to how Witch Kitchen feels about how they impact the community, Brooke says, “We aim to offer up something the community can enjoy throughout the year. We’d also love to collaborate with community and private events. We’re so happy to be here in Cordova.”

You can check out Witch Mountain sauces at Follow them on Instagram @witchmtndotcom to see where, when and what Witch Kitchen food truck has planned next.

Cobilynn Rogers is a business support specialist at the Cordova Chamber of Commerce.