Letter to the Editor: A plea for caution

Over the past two weeks Cordova has seen an explosion in the number of COVID-19 positive cases. We now have 51 active cases, many who are quite sick, and more are testing positive every day. Other Alaskan communities are in a similar situation but strictly by the numbers Cordova’s outbreak is oversized.

These positive cases are the result of folks letting their guard down, not following the best practices we all learned during the early days of the pandemic, not getting vaccinated, and not staying home when sick, COVID-19 positive or a close contact.

When the personal choices we make have negative consequences for our entire community, it is time to examine our behaviors. We can do better.

We can stop the spread of COVID by making small, short-term sacrifices to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our local businesses.

  • Wear a mask in all public places especially when indoors
  • If you are sick, get tested. Know your status so you don’t become a COVID-spreader
  • If you test positive for COVID, or are a close contact of someone who has it, please FOLLOW THE QUARANTINE RULES AND STAY HOME
  • Get vaccinated. It is safe and the ONLY way to stop COVID.

Unvaccinated Cordovans account for most of the recent positive cases. If you are not vaccinated, please consider doing so. Talk to a health professional if you have concerns.

Cordova’s current outbreak is from the delta variant which is twice as contagious as the initial strain. This variant has also resulted in some vaccinated people testing positive. Even so, it is scientifically proven that vaccinated people who contract COVID have milder symptoms, and are 99% protected from severe disease, hospitalization or death.

Thanks for doing your part to slow the spread.

Helen Howarth
City manager