Happy New Year Cordova!

It’s Iceworm time! The 2023 Iceworm Festival is coming up Jan. 28 through Feb. 4. Get your

powers primed, because the theme this year is Super Iceworm. Zoom over to

www.icewormfestival.com for all your festival needs — our Facebook and Instagram are good

spots too!

You’ll notice events like the Survival Suit Races, Paper Airplane Contest, and the Variety Show

are back this year. With community support and participation, this year’s festival is sure to be

enjoyed by all.

A few of our favorite things to get ready for are….

● Get your event on our schedule! The Cordova Times is your go-to for the printed

schedule. To be sure your event is listed — we need all events registered by Jan. 18!

● Nominate a SUPER Cordovan for Citizen of the Year, due Jan. 25.

● Create your float or walking group registered for the Iceworm Parade on Feb. 4.

This is a great way to come together and showcase your business and creativity down

Main Street. Registrations due Feb. 1.

● Sign up your act for the Variety Show by Jan. 18.

● Sign up to be a street food vendor at the parade.

● Grab a spot at the Iceworm Bazaar following the parade at the Cordova Center.

● Get your team together for the Survival Suit Races.

● Create an Iceworm-themed cake from home, wherever that may be. Send a photo to

icewormfestival@gmail.com for entry in the Virtual Cake Competition to be posted on

our social platforms for the public to admired and award praise. Photo due by

Jan. 29.

● Order your printed photo for the Photo Show at the Museum to enter by Jan. 29.

● Go to our visitor page and share the Alaska Airlines Coupon code ECME428 with visiting


● Buy treasure chest tickets! Enter to win one of two SUPER prizes; an ELSA kicksled by

Kicksled Alaska or two round-trip Alaska Airline tickets anywhere they fly!

Want to reach out to our team? We think it’s A SUPER idea to use our festival website,

Facebook page and email to stay in touch. Stay tuned for exclusive content in the upcoming

editions of the Cordova Times, such as the only printed schedule, the showcase of Miss

Iceworm Program Candidates, and more event information.

Due to the fact that Iceworm is purely volunteer driven by and for the community, the

best way to participate in the festival is to become a sponsor, create an event, volunteer, and

show up to events! We are looking forward to a super festival this year!


Ria Beedle

Kelsey Hayden

Christa Hoover

Anya Honkola

Emma Merritt

Stephanie Belgarde

Denna Stavig