NPFMC takes up crab rebuilding plans

Harvesters of shellfish in the Bering Sea are facing a second year of multi-million-dollar losses with the demise of Bristol Bay red...

Sound Science: Sockeye salmon size predicts migratory success

During the summer of 2015, the commercial fishing community in Cordova was abuzz with rumors about why the fishermen were not catching fish, even though the escapement monitored by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was showing plenty of sockeye returning to the river system.

Sound Science: PWSSC builds resilience with new research plan

The theme of resilience emanates from the new research plan that the Prince William Sound Science Center adopted this spring. Organized into three major sections, the plan is large enough to encompass existing research programs, as well as areas of intended expansion.

Sound Science: Salmon researchers share insights at symposium

The Copper River Basin Symposium was a unique opportunity for researchers to coordinate and share knowledge on a wide variety of topics, writes Teal Barmore.

Sound Science: Where are the herring going?

Implanting Prince William Sound fish with acoustic tags has opened up a new realm of possibilities for determining how long individual fish remain in an area, the timing and direction of their movements, and connectivity between fish stocks.

Sound Science: Investigating the spawning behavior of Pacific herring

Though herring populations are low, it's possible for them to rebuild their numbers, given the right conditions.

Sound Science: Where do puffins go in the winter?

Researchers at Prince William Sound Science Center have just begun to scratch the surface of their first year of data tracking adult Tufted Puffins in the Gulf of Alaska during winter.

Sound Science: Making a case for herring research

Prince William Sound Science Center researchers are compiling a vitally important body of data on herring populations.
Hydroponic seedlings. Photo courtesy of Teal Barmore

Sound Science: Hydroponics in our schools

Hydroponic seedlings. Photo courtesy of Teal BarmoreSecond grade students at Mt. Eccles Elementary shifted in their seats with wonder...
Adélie Penguins at sunset on Avian Island. Photo courtesy Anne Schaefer/for The Cordova Times

PWSSC researcher heads to Antarctica for field work

Prince William Sound Science Center research assistant Anne Schaefer is headed south for her second year working with penguins for long-term seabird research projects in Antarctica.


Updates from CPD 01-09-2023 through 01-15-2023

The following incidents were reported to the Cordova Police Department between 01-09-2023 through 01-15-2023. Any charges reported in these press releases are...
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