19.4 F
Cordova, AK
Thursday, July 19, 2018
Helmets such as this with built-in earphones are the latest innovation to enhance entrainment for skiers and snowboarders.

Cordova Chronicles: Entrainment could prove to be hazardous

One of the news reports that came from the recently completed Olympics centered on the use of music to pump up athletes, especially snowboarders...
From left, Freddie Lantz, Harry Curran, and Kenny Van Brocklin, working the counter at the Cordova Commercial Company in 1954. Shellhorn Family Collection

Cordova Chronicles: They Called Him Hook

Kenny Van Brocklin passed away on February 3, 2018, in 1000 Palms, California.  He lived to be 91.  And enjoyed every moment of it.What...

Cordova Chronicles: Olympic moments and beyond

Any skater who has taken a tumble while cruising amongst ice bergs on Sheridan Lake knows that water in its solid state is a...
A 1930s view of the salmon hatchery at Mile 7 on Power Creek road. It was built in 1921, but after several failures, transferred to the U.S Forest Service in 1927, and eventually became the Bethany Home for children in 1938. Cordova Historical Society photo

Cordova Chronicles: First hatchery was not “eggs-actually” a success

The first hatchery in the Cordova area was located a mere seven miles from town, on what is now known as Power Creek Road.Today...

Cordova Chronicles: Say a ‘Hail Mary’ for hatcheries

Now is the time of year when Cordova’s fishing fleet sits idle.In the harbor, vessels of a flotilla that drives the local economy move...
Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt, a dapperly and diaper clad emotional-support duck, boarding a recent American Airlines flight. Mark Essig courtesy photo

Cordova Chronicles: Have duck, will travel

By now, most of the Cordova-area ducks and geese have traveled south to warmer climes. Their absence, combined with long winter nights and the...
Damage in Odiak Slough caused by the tide surge following the 9.2 earthquake on 27 March 1964. Cordova Historical Society photo

Cordova Chronicles: A wave of news from the 7.9 earthquake

While the 7.9 earthquake that struck at 12:32 a.m. on January 23 in the Gulf of Alaska 170 miles southeast of Kodiak did not...

Cordova Chronicles: Fishing on the Dark Side

Cordova is a fishing community, and we’ve all heard stories of seiners or gillnetters being caught plying their trade in closed waters.It is sometimes...
At Mile 19.5 traffic cones surrounds a large hole caused by a collapsed culvert. Perhaps a Christmas tree with a red light atop, rather than alder, should have been stuck in the ho-ho-hole. Photo by Dick Shellhorn/The Cordova Times

Cordova Chronicles: Copper River Highway culverts face furry adversary

Recently a portion of a culvert at 21.5 Mile on the Copper River Highway collapsed, causing a hole in the middle of the gravel...

Cordova Chronicles: Peace on Earth, at least in Cordova

Another holiday season has passed, and we were blessed with not only a seven-day stretch of incredibly blue-skied Christmas vacation weather, but also a...



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