Letter: Support for CBD oil

Before I moved to Cordova I lived in California. I was taking so many pills I knew I had to stop.  So, before I moved to Alaska I stopped the oxycontin. Then after I got to Alaska I stopped the others. I was taking 10 different types of medications. The reason I stopped was because I did not have an income and could not afford the meds. The only trouble was my body hurt so badly that I found it hard to work.

I grew up watching so many of my family and friends taking drugs, both legal and illegal. I never wanted to try pot, but a girlfriend told me about the great things CBD oil did for her and her cancer treatments and my son talked to me about CBDs and the effect it could have on my pain.

I finally gave in and tried it. The difference was amazing! After taking it, I found the pain all but gone. I am writing this letter so people may become aware that people really need something other than opiates to control their pain. With the opiates, I had to go to treatment to get off of them. With CBD oil I am pain free and don’t have to worry about addiction or negative side effects.

I fully support a cannabis store in Cordova, so I and others can have access to this wonderful healing remedy.

Please vote No on Prop 3 on May 15.

Thank You,

Dania Neal, Cordova