Museum Memories: The younger years of the CoHo

Photo courtesy of the Cordova Historical Society
Photo courtesy of the Cordova Historical Society

The recent demise of the Cordova House (Cordova Hotel and Bar) got us looking in the archives to find some photos of it at various stages of its life. Here’s a little more to its story.

In 1908, known as the Cordova Lodging House, the building was constructed in stages and was originally just two stories high. As a newspaper article described, “The Cordova Lodging House is erecting a mammoth rooming apartment to the front structure recently built. It is put up in a most substantial way.”

A week later, original owners Frank Castle, an old-time Alaskan and locomotive engineer, and Harry Thiestad opened the 50-by-90-foot business. Ownership changed in 1909 and, by 1910, a third story was added complete with the trimmed roof eaves and boxed cornice brackets.