Testing reveals occasional virus transmission, but no outbreak

The Cordova Center. (July 13, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Though Cordova continues to report occasional cases of the novel coronavirus, officials have not identified any clusters of cases. However, even an ostensibly low level of virus transmission is reason for caution, said Dr. Hannah Sanders, medical director for Cordova Community Medical Center.

“We have some level of community transmission, and people need to be cautious,” Sanders said. “We still see sporadic cases popping up… I’m glad we haven’t identified a cluster or an outbreak, but the community should still be prepared to respond to an outbreak if we need to, and to be operating cautiously.”

The city reported its 12th case of the virus Sunday, July 26. The coronavirus-positive individual, a Cordova resident, is believed to have been infected through community contact. None of Cordova’s cases of community spread are believed to be connected, Sanders said. Ten of the community’s 12 reported virus cases have recovered, according to data published by the city. Of those 12 cases, four have been residents of Cordova and eight have been non-residents. All individuals who had been in close contact with the reported cases have been identified, officials said.

Compliance with public health guidelines in public spaces has been good, Sanders said. However, Sanders also emphasized a need for caution in expanding one’s social bubble. Sanders also recommended community members help preserve Cordova’s supply of testing materials by refraining from nonessential travel.

“I would like everybody in Cordova to take a minute and think, if you knew that, tomorrow, you would test positive, would you change your behavior today?” Sanders said. “We can all start thinking about how our daily behavior could impact the people around us.”