Letter to the Editor: Recommitting to the public process

The following letter was submitted by Mayor Clay Koplin after he signed a public letter supporting an audit of the 2020 presidential election.

Community of Cordova:

Last week I signed a letter that was sent to our congressional delegation urging election audits. I was wrong to sign it and apologize to you for working outside our public process — I was very clear on the letter signature and to The Cordova Times when they called me for confirmation that I was signing as a private citizen. 

Though I have rights as a citizen, I also have responsibilities as a leader and in retrospect I used poor judgement in this case. It is important to keep debate to reflect the will of the people of Cordova housed in the City Council Chambers where they are held with civility and structure to arrive at productive outcomes.

I will redouble my efforts to refer policy to City Council and maintain neutral facilitation as the role of Mayor. I appreciate those in the community who reminded me of my responsibilities, and for your willingness and trust to come to me directly. I appreciate your forgiveness for this error in judgment.


Mayor Clay Koplin