School district distributes 4K meals per week

Cordova School District is currently distributing 4,000 meals per week as part of its “grab-and-go” meal program, which commenced March 31.

School district distributes bag lunches

Three weeks after the beginning of an indefinitely long spring break, classes are still suspended, but lunch is back on.

School district suspends district-sponsored travel for students and staff

Cordova School District has suspended district-sponsored travel for both students and staff, according to a Friday, March 13 release by Superintendent Alex Russin. This excludes travel already underway, though this may also be curtailed as new information emerges.

Cordova farewells a champion of education

During her eight-year tenure as principal, Gayle Groff shifted Mt. Eccles Elementary School's focus toward students’ emotional development. To Groff, a maladjusted student is a poorly educated student, regardless of how high his test scores are.

Sixth graders explore the night sky

Earlier this month, despite single-digit temperatures and brisk winds, sixth grade students at Mt. Eccles Elementary School embarked on two overnight winter adventures.
An unpublished draft of Cordova School District’s new strategic plan. (Jan. 13, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

School district will publish new plan as illustrated poster

"The big goal in my mind is to engage the community and help the public understand and see — literally, see — where they might fit into the plan, rather than leafing through 40 pages of documents," says Superintendent Alex Russin.
From left, Cordova School District Superintendent Alex Russin with school board members Tammy Altermott, Sheryl Glasen and Peter Hoepfner. (Jan. 8, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Schools consider online rules of conduct for teachers

A new policy under consideration by the Cordova School Board outlines how staff may interact with students online.
Mt. Eccles Elementary School students sewed conductive thread through felt fabric to create light-up bracelets. (Jan. 10, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Mt. Eccles students build light-up bracelets from scratch

Students were supplied with batteries, conductive thread, LEDs, needles and fabric. The one thing they weren’t given was an instruction manual.

Is this the Year of the Wolverine?

Wolverine fans have high hopes for this year’s CHS team, seeking Cordova’s first state boys title under the ASAA classification system adopted back in 1983.
CHS Choir at the Winter Concert. Photo by Susan Harding/for The Cordova Times

7 Cordova music students selected for all-state choirs

Cordova music students have distinguished themselves with their recent achievements, writes Chelsea Corrao.



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