Ask the Candidate: Linnea Ronnegard

Linnea Ronnegard.

Candidate for Cordova Community Medical Center Authority Board

Job: Finance director, Prince William Sound Science Center

Public service: Cordova Community Medical Center Authority Board member; volunteer at Cordova Church of the Nazarene; volunteer at Cordova Iceworm Festival

Education: Associate of Arts Degree, University of Alaska Anchorage; Associate of Applied Sciences Degree, University of Alaska Anchorage

By the time your service on the board is complete, what do you hope to have accomplished?
If re-elected to the board, I hope to help direct CCMC towards a sound economical and sustainable future while ensuring it continues to provide quality care.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing CCMC during the coming months?
I see the biggest challenges facing CCMC as being the continued preparedness surrounding COVID-19; maintaining adequate, long-term staffing; and the ongoing financial challenges that face most small, critical care hospitals.

While seats on Cordova City Council and the Cordova School Board are being vigorously contested in this year’s election, the CCMC Authority Board has fewer candidates than open positions. Why do you believe that is?
I am not sure why the CCMC Authority Board has fewer candidates than open positions, perhaps because of the additional limitations on who can be a candidate for the board (for instance, a candidate cannot be related to anyone working at the hospital). I would like to strongly encourage more community members to step forward as potential candidates for the Board, if interested, please contact the City Clerk.