A new chapter

Rachel and her late father and former Cordova mayor, Jim Kallander, on their last moose hunt together on the Copper River Delta. Photo courtesy of Rachel Kallander.

It has been six weeks since The Cordova Times was on newsstands. I am thrilled to welcome you to the first print edition since taking ownership of the paper, and I thank you for your patience during this transition period. It’s truly an honor to take on the responsibility of continuing this institution of record in Prince William Sound, and I owe great gratitude to The Native Village of Eyak for its management and care these past years, and for giving to the community of Cordova in this way.  

This week’s paper — and the editions that will follow — aims to continue the legacy established over the last 108 years. The Times has always been a bedrock in our community, recording the stories of who we are and celebrating this place we’re lucky enough to call home. We’ll continue to cover the issues that matter to you and the region, and we’ll try new ideas and concepts to see how we can expand and grow. I look forward to studying and reflecting on the coverage of this paper and working alongside you to ensure The Times reflects the needs and the heart of the community.  

It’s no secret that local newspapers have struggled nationwide in recent years due to many disruptive changes in technology and economics. We are going to work hard to ensure that The Cordova Times is a strong, sustainable business that can serve Cordovans long into the future. Cordova is a community made up of small businesses. This community knows that a rising tide lifts all boats. It is up to all of us to work to ensure that the paper continues to thrive. Thank you to those who contribute stories, participate in interviews, advertise, buy papers, subscribe, share posts on Facebook and more. You are the reason The Cordova Times will continue on.  

As we move forward, we will also want to hear from you. Share your ideas and provide us with feedback. Participate in the survey we’ll share on The Cordova Times’ website and our Facebook page. We value your input and your input will help inform our future. I look forward to deepening the relationships between The Cordova Times and the entities, fishing fleets, and partners that are the foundation of Prince William Sound. I am thankful for your support of The Cordova Times and hope you enjoy reading this issue.  

To subscribe to The Cordova Times, please email subscriptions@thecordovatimes.com. To advertise, please email advertising@thecordovatimes.com. To share stories, events and more, please email share@thecordovatimes.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rachel Kallander was raised in Cordova and graduated from CHS. Rachel is CEO of Kallander & Associates, a consulting firm serving policy and business clients statewide. She is the founder and executive director of the Arctic Encounter – the largest annual Arctic policy conference in the U.S., with policy convenings and partnerships worldwide. Rachel also serves as the Honorary Consul of Iceland to Alaska. She lives with her husband, Casey Pape, and two young children in Anchorage.