M/V LeConte sailing delayed by bomb threat

The M/V LeConte. (Sept. 29, 2002) Photo courtesy of Gillfoto/Wikimedia Commons

Sailing of the M/V LeConte from the Auk Bay Terminal in Juneau was delayed on Wednesday, Feb. 10, when a man drove his truck at a high rate of speed onto the car deck of the ferry and was heard by crew muttering about a bomb and firearms.

Once the truck was stationary, the man, later identified as Adam Jason Bahr, 39, of Juneau, exited the truck, which he had apparently locked, leaving a dog inside. Crew members who heard him muttering backed away and executed a response plan to secure the ferry and evacuate personnel and passengers.

Bahr, who was unarmed, was taken into custody by Juneau Police, and animal control was called to assist with the dog in the vehicle.

The LeConte was cleared for travel after the Coast Guard did a security sweep, and departed for Pelican with its crew, eight vehicles and seven passengers on board. The normal complement of crew aboard the LeConte is about 23 people.

Police officers said that Bahr didn’t have a firearm and told them that the incident was just a joke. He also claimed to be a federal agent, which he is not. A check of Bahr’s truck revealed no firearms or explosives.

Bahr was placed under arrest for assault and criminal trespass and taken to the Lemon Creek correctional facility, where he was being held under $500 bail.