Zachary Snowdon Smith

Zachary Snowdon Smith is the editor of The Cordova Times.

Officials: Outbreak-stricken seafood plant had low vax rate

"Camtu’s facility, while they did everything they could to make sure that their workers were not coming in with COVID, they did not do everything they could do to protect them from us, citizens, with COVID, infecting them," City Manager Helen Howarth said.

Cordova reports 24 virus cases; active case count climbs to 70

Cordova reported 24 cases of the novel coronavirus Tuesday, July 20.

COVID-19 delta variant reported in Cordova

Cases of the delta variant of the novel coronavirus have been detected in Cordova.

Survey aims to provide improved population data

The Native Village of Eyak and Anchorage-based firm CRW Engineering Group will conduct a door-to-door population survey in Cordova July 21-23.

Salmon Jam VIP guests cancel visit as virus outbreak increases

Rep. Louise Stutes and Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer canceled plans to attend this year’s Copper River Salmon Jam, citing unsafe conditions.

What to do with Eyak Lake’s failing weir?

After 49 years, the Eyak Lake weir is failing and water levels are falling. Now, organizers are asking the community for their input on a weir renewal project.

Cordova hits 38 active virus cases

"We know what to do," City Manager Helen Howarth said. "We have experience. We know how to protect ourselves and our neighbors. If we all do our part, we can stop this particular outbreak, and we can continue to enjoy our community socially and otherwise."

Update: Officials will discuss substance abuse at public forum

Update: A public forum on substance abuse originally scheduled for July 20 has been postponed due to the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak.

Update: City raises virus alert level following outbreak

The city of Cordova raised its public health alert level Monday, July 12.

Update: 21 active cases in new virus outbreak

Update: Coronavirus vaccines produced by Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna will be available by appointment at local clinics throughout the week of Monday, July 12.



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