Review: Countdown

Life as a young horror fan must be tough. If you can’t convince your parents to get you in to see “Midsommar” or “Us,” you end up watching something like “Countdown”: a beige, textureless, PG-13-rated horror movie that looks like it emerged from the pages of a JCPenney clothing catalogue.

Review: The Lighthouse

Is it possible to enjoy an infinitely stylish, infinitely original, infinitely well performed film even if it’s not clear what’s actually going on onscreen?

Review: Under the Sun

Mansky’s opus deserves a look from anyone even passingly curious about how the other half lives.

Review: Marriage Story

Here’s something rare: a film that shows wit without glibness, precision without contrivance and warmth without sentimentality.

Review: The Return

“The Return” is recommended for committed Russophiles and misery-addicts only.

Review: The Two Popes

This is another one of those movies that takes an array of marvelous ingredients — a rich and thought-provoking premise, two legendary actors, a beautiful setting (the Sistine Chapel!) — and combines them into something merely okay.

Review: Schneider vs. Bax

Don’t you hate it when your boss calls you up on your day off and asks you to kill someone?
Joaquin Phoenix in "Joker."

Review: Joker

If “Joker” has become the world’s first billion-dollar R-rated film, it rests mainly on the shoulders of Joaquin Phoenix.
Sobon Nuon, Mean Korn, Samnang Nut and Sophyna Meng in "Diamond Island."

Review: Diamond Island

Loose, tensionless dialogue and flat cinematography reminiscent of a TV documentary turn “Diamond Island” into a tepid experience.

Faith on Film: Silence

What would Jesus do? Rarely has a film asked this so earnestly.



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