Review: Come to Daddy

Like most good horror films, “Come to Daddy” is thematically rich enough to offer more than mere spectacle.

Review: The Balloon

Shot cleanly and minimalistically, “The Balloon” offers a clear-eyed look at the hidden costs of Japan’s rapid transformation from a walled-off kingdom to a capitalist wonderland.

Review: Under the Silver Lake

An hour in, you’ll find yourself constructing your own improbable theories about what’s really going on.

Review: After Midnight

“After Midnight” is amateurish horror, neither impressive nor offensive. At least there were no dolls or exorcisms.

Review: I Lost My Body

An 81-minute film can only contain so much dewy-eyed tragedy before it threatens to burst at the seams. Is there such a thing as an excess of charm?

Review: What Did Jack Do?

“What Did Jack Do?” is what you get from a director of limitless talent working on a very limited budget: an uncanny, unhinged, hilarious trifle. Not to be taken seriously, but not easily forgotten, either.

Review: Mishima – A Life in Four Chapters

Newly released in 4k definition, “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters” is a passionate and challenging film that defies our expectations of the “great man” biopic.

Review: Countdown

Life as a young horror fan must be tough. If you can’t convince your parents to get you in to see “Midsommar” or “Us,” you end up watching something like “Countdown”: a beige, textureless, PG-13-rated horror movie that looks like it emerged from the pages of a JCPenney clothing catalogue.

Review: The Lighthouse

Is it possible to enjoy an infinitely stylish, infinitely original, infinitely well performed film even if it’s not clear what’s actually going on onscreen?

Review: Under the Sun

Mansky’s opus deserves a look from anyone even passingly curious about how the other half lives.



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