Review: M

Eerie and threatening, “M” is a film less about individuals than about systems.

Review: The Vast of Night

Think of it as “The X-Files” by way of Archie Comics.

Review: From Caligari to Hitler

“From Caligari to Hitler” is pretty understated, for a film featuring, by proxy, numerous madmen, giants, vampires and killer robots.

Review: Scoob!

With weightless, over-designed visuals, gags about IKEA and “The X Factor” that would have been dated a decade ago, and a cloyingly sentimental story, “Scoob!” shows us the origins and early days of Mystery, Inc.

Review: The Fall

How long does it take to weave an almost intolerable atmosphere of tension and brutal menace? Try seven minutes.

Review: Beanpole

“Beanpole” is a quiet war film. Its weapons are not bombs or bullets, but starvation and shortages.

Review: Capone

“Capone” is not impressive, but it is quite watchable.

Review: The Willoughbys

Giddy and vibrant, “The Willoughbys” is something like “A Series of Unfortunate Events” delivered by way of Pixar, with a dash or Roald Dahl thrown in for good measure.

Review: Surf Nazis Must Die

The worst thing that can be said of this film is that it doesn’t live up to its title.

Review: True History of the Kelly Gang

“True History of the Kelly Gang" is blustering, untidy, self-mythologizing, difficult to take seriously but impossible to ignore — in other words, quintessentially Aussie.



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