Sobon Nuon, Mean Korn, Samnang Nut and Sophyna Meng in "Diamond Island."

Review: Diamond Island

Loose, tensionless dialogue and flat cinematography reminiscent of a TV documentary turn “Diamond Island” into a tepid experience.

Faith on Film: Silence

What would Jesus do? Rarely has a film asked this so earnestly.

Faith on Film: The Last Temptation of Christ

This is a de-mythologizing film, presenting us with a Gospel story just different enough from the familiar tales to imbue it with a fresh truth and immediacy.

Faith on Film: Hacksaw Ridge

Whatever one thinks of Mel Gibson’s general outlook, it took an auteur to accomplish a film like this one.
Marianne Jean-Baptiste in “In Fabric.”

Review: In Fabric

"In Fabric" is both vintage and fresh, familiar yet startling — maybe even enough to rejuvenate the world of horror at large.
Mathieu Amalric and Julia Roy in "Never Ever."

Review: Never Ever

By now, movies about people gradually losing their minds should qualify for their own subgenre. But what does “Never Ever” bring to the table?

Review: Galaxy of Terror

“Galaxy of Terror” doesn’t aim for the stars, but it does leave an impression.

Review: The Irishman

Watching “The Irishman” is a bit like eating a meal laced with sand. Probably, minus the sand, it would have been an excellent meal, but it’s difficult to know for sure.
A still from “The Other Side.”

Review: The Other Side

"The Other Side” takes us not to Colombia or Uganda, but to the backwaters of Louisiana, where the impoverished bastard children of America eke out a living.
Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Tarantino offers us something other than a dutiful recreation of Hollywood’s golden age by focusing on the absurdities and the improprieties of the kitschy ’60s.



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