39.2 F
Cordova, AK
Friday, October 20, 2017

During the summer

118 years ago, the cannery at Orca was visited by the Harriman American expedition. Harriman’s journal detailed their visit: “The idea of stretching their...

Museum Memories

Since it’s fishing season, we thought we’d throw out a couple of boat pictures to bring back some memories. There is very little in the...

Museum Memories

At the turn of the century, the Alaska Packers Association and Alaska Syndicate were powerful entities based out of San Francisco that owned nearly...

Museum Memories

It’s not Texas! This is our neighboring community of Chitina, up the Copper River and the photograph was likely taken in the early 1900’s....

Museum Memories: May 27

 There were two labor forces in the early Alaskan fishing industry — the fishermen and the cannery workers. Unfortunately, cannery work offered few opportunities for...